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Posted by Vanto Group | June 20, 2019 3:47:13 PM EDT


Mekong Capital, a Long-Time Client of Vanto Group, is Featured in Bloomberg Markets

Vietnam-based Mekong Capital, a long-time client of Vanto Group and one of the fastest-growing private equity firms in the region, continues to be in the media spotlight and is the subject of a featured article in Bloomberg Markets.

The path of Chris Freund, the firm’s partner and founder, as well as his vision and commitment to Mekong Capital’s corporate culture and success are the integral themes of the story.

Mekong Capital has been engaged with Vanto Group since 2007. Over the years, Mekong has developed and honed its high-performance culture, soundly based on Vanto Group’s principles of high-performance. Among these principles are honest and complete communication, integrity, alignment, and future-based language.

“At Mekong, Freund says, focusing on direct communication is paramount. You don’t sugarcoat anything, but you also don’t make others feel like they’re in the wrong.”

Chad Ovel, a partner who was chief executive of one of Mekong Capital’s portfolio companies before joining Mekong Capital in 2013, also shares his perspective in the story:

Mekong’s approach of “declaring a big future” for companies goes well beyond what he learned when getting his MBA at the University of Chicago, he says. “There was nothing in the curriculum about using future-based language to pull for new actions or about the importance of authentic listening or direct communication in leadership teams as a pathway to increasing the velocity of results...”

To discover what is possible in developing a high-performance organizational culture, click here to read the full article in Bloomberg Markets.

* Photo Source: https://www.mekongcapital.com/en/media

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