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Posted by Steve Zaffron | June 20, 2017 3:06:00 PM EDT


Unleashing Leadership - A New Model

Leadership in an organization is not a matter of authority, charisma, certain traits and characteristics, or even experience. Leadership in an organization is creating a future that wasn’t going to happen and having that future be realized. Period.

Leaders are ordinary men and women who dare to be related to and inspire others in possibilities bigger than themselves, attracted by the world that’s opened up by their vision and their commitment.

This view of leadership flies in the face of commonsense. Taking a stand for a future when it’s only a possibility is a purely existential act and exists only in language – in our speaking.

The reality, conditions, and circumstances of the future do not exist as “facts.” They exist only as a product of our conversations – making language and communication the most important and fundamental access to fulfilling what matters, what’s important, what’s possible.

The Vanto Group methodology promises an access to what it takes to be a leader and exercise leadership as one’s natural self-expression. This unique methodology allows for leadership to emerge at any level of an organization, and produces people who influence others regardless of their position on the organizational chart.

This breakthrough in leadership as an organizational phenomena naturally expresses itself in new levels of accomplishment and unprecedented results.

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