Vanto Group

A three day program designed for business executive teams, government executives, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to explore what is really possible in achieving unprecedented business results.

Uniquely addressing the challenges of organizations and executives facing a shifting business landscape, ever-changing marketplace conditions, post-merger integration, market competition, and stagnating financial results. Vanto Group’s proprietary methodology allows for dramatic and sustainable shifts in organizational performance.

Grounded in the best-selling book, The Three Laws of Performance, the program is designed for attendees to apply this cutting-edge approach in their current work environments.

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You will gain access to: 
  • The critical factors that drive team performance
  • Hidden assumptions that limit organizational velocity
  • Authentic organizational alignment and coordinated action
  • The language of high performance and how to apply it
  • The tools to have your vision sustained over time and owned by others throughout your organization


August 22, 23 and 24, 2019


9 am to 7 pm


Hotel Gran Estanplaza Berrini Rua Arizona, 1517 – São Paulo – SP


  • R$ 6,800 per person if registered by June 17
  • R$ 5,850 per person for a team of 4 or more if registered by June 17
  • R$ 7,850 per person if registered after June 17
  • R$ 6,900 per person for a team of 4 or more if registered after  June 17
Seating is limited. Early registration is recommended. Price includes program materials, lunch and refreshments.

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