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Vanto Group

During these unpredictable times, we are all dealing with unexpected challenges. The notion of “business as usual” has come to an abrupt end.

Leadership: Inventing the Future is a four-day virtual event designed for organizational leaders looking to create a future beyond the challenges of the present circumstances – a future that provides a sustainable competitive advantage, elevates corporate performance and positions them for success.

Grounded in the best-selling book, The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life, this event is designed for attendees to apply this cutting-edge approach in their current business environments.

During this event, you will gain access to: 

  • The critical factors that drive team performance
  • Hidden assumptions that limit organizational velocity
  • The power of high-performance language, especially when dealing with uncertainty and challenges
  • Authentic organizational alignment and coordinated action
  • New ways of collaborating with others that expand your ability to produce results
  • The tools to have your vision sustained over time and owned by others throughout your organization


June 27-28 & July 5-6, 2022


9:00am - 5:00pm (India time)


Virtual - Zoom Video Conference


  • Rs. 1,10,000 INR per person (taxes additional)
Seating is extremely limited. Early Registration is recommended. Registration closes Wednesday,  June 22, 2022. 
Register by contacting:
Aditi Kariwala : (M) 84519 99629 / akariwala@vantogroup.com
Girish Krishnan : (M) 97427 35307 / girishpk@vantogroup.com
Jitesh Menon : (M) 93746 48774 / jmenon@vantogroup.com

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